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Considering the stresses of our modern life-style, it is very difficult to conceive that our true nature is to have a calm and tranquil mind. The so-called digital world in which we live and work has resulted in far too many hours sitting looking at a screen of one sort or another. It therefore follows that the natural movements of our body are severely limited, thus reducing flexibility, co-ordination and balance. Consequently, the resultant tension prevents the optimal functioning of our body. Both Pilates and Yoga offer excellent methods to overcome these obstacles and to restore good, natural health, both physically and psychologically. 
Whilst Pilates and Yoga can be highly beneficial, it is very important to understand that correct tuition is critical. They are both technical subjects which require close, personal supervision. This type of close supervision is simply not possible in a large class. For this reason my classes never exceed five persons. Without this intensive supervision, classes would have little benefit and could even be detrimental. It is important to me that people not only enjoy their classes, but that they also make rapid progress as a result of proper tuition and practice. This is especially important for persons requiring remedial assistance.
Nirvana Studio is located in a peaceful and secure area in Durbanville, Cape Town and offers classes for all age groups and fitness levels. As the Studio is very small, customers are assured of personal attention. Whilst tuition is detailed and technically correct, the classes are always relaxed and very informal.
I have been teaching Pilates and Yoga professionally since 2002 and established Nirvana Studio in January 2006. Thank you for visiting my website and it would be a great pleasure to meet you in person! 
Amanda Sutcliffe
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